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The Vision: "The Caribbean Aviation Meetup shall become the annual convention of a Caribbean Airlift Council"

All aviation segments in the Caribbean region have similar interests and have similar hurdles to deal with. There is also common interest with tourism and hospitality stakeholders. Having several separate small associations to tackle the same problem is neither very effective nor efficient. Even larger industry organizations are not quite able to deal with airlift matters and dilemmas because they may be too specialized and representing only one, or just a part of one industry segment. One umbrella organization which represents the activities for all of the various particular satkeholders makes more sense.

For sure is that a Caribbean Airlift Council will be realized
It shall carry the name CARIBAVIA which stands for CARIBbean AVIAtion.
It shall be a non-profit organization.
It shall be an independent and impartial entity.
It shal have its domicile on a Caribbean territory.
It shall be an umbrella organization representing all airlift stakeholder interests in the Caribbean region.
The Caribbean Aviation Meetup shall be the annual convention of Caribavia

To be deternmined:
What will its activities be and to whom will its services be avialable?
What are the limitations of the type of activities and to whom they will be made available?
Who are members, affiliates, associates, partners, or whatever they may be called?
What will be the organzational structure?
Where will the Council be registered and operate from?
How will it be financially supported and made sustainable?

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