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impressions of previous Caribbean Aviation Meetup conferences

The recently held 4th annual Caribbean Aviation Meetup was a success

The 5th annual CARIBBEAN AVIATION MEETUP will be held June 16-18, 2020

The CARIBBEAN AVIATION MEETUP is the largest and most significant international conference for airlift stakeholders in the Caribbean region

The Caribbean Aviation Meetup is a results-oriented platform for communication between the various stakeholders in the aviation, tourism and investment industries. The focus of the conference is on experience exchange, interaction and participation. The proactive character of the event makes it the perfect place for face-to-face business discussions, comprehensive group opinion exchanges on sector-specific topics, and is the cornerstone upon which successful networking can be build.

"As you examine various aspects of airlift during this conference, I strongly recommend that you endeavour to be as vigorous as possible in your deliberations and in being vigorous, it is my hope that attempts will be made to honestly assess the challenges and opportunities that airlift poses for our region. This hopefully, will lead to prescriptive next steps to inform the decision-making of respective governments. I have browsed the list of topics for this CARIBAVIA conference. The topics are fairly all-encompassing. I believe that such an all-encompassing agenda will help attendees to leave with a better understanding of the specialized areas of airlift".

- Dionisio D'Aguilar, Minister of Tourism and Aviation, Commonwealth of the Bahamas - 2018
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cdrbud-2-160x120 (18K) I am often asked what the Meetup conference is about. My 15-second 'elevator pitch' is that it is a "Results and solutions oriented communication platform for the stakeholders of AIRLIFT, which are the aviation and tourism industries !"
An 'empty' catchphrase? No way!
Let me give you an example how it works for St.Maarten/St.Martin. But, please understand that for reasons of discretion, I cannot give project names or specifics:

There are several projects on St.Maarten for which the Meetup is a catalyst. Two of them will be assumable announced during the conference. Two others are in a process stage and need further discussion between the stakeholders on location during the conference in June. Two more provide opportunities for exploration for which presence on St.Maarten is a necessity. These projects may have found their beginnings as early as in the stage of prospecting speakers for the conference. Through coordination and connecting with potential stakeholders by the conference organizer, dialogs get started.

Does that mean that the opportunities are exclusive for St.Maarten/St.Martin? On the contrary ! There are many instances where the opportunities could apply to various Caribbean territories, and on the other hand also to the various visiting attendees from abroad. The selection of the speakers and presentations was done while keeping in mind what opportunities could be offered to the attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

- Cdr. Bud Slabbaert, Chairman/Coordinator of the Caribbean Aviation Meetup

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