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Press Releases and publications

May 29, 2017
"Joining the Aviation Conference in St.Maarten from the Other Side of the World" as published in the media

May 22, 2017
"Largest Airlift Conference Ever Held In The Caribbean" as published in the media

May 8, 2017
"Sapphire Pegasus Award will be introduced to the Caribbean in St.Maarten" as published in the media

April 11, 2017, Caribbean News Now
"The Caribbean airlift dilemma"

April 2, 2017
"Top US military pilots will open the avaition conference on St.Maarten" as published in the media

March 15, 2017
"Major airlift conference with international allure on St.Maarten" as published in the media

November 7, 2016 , Caribbean Journal
"Toward Better Caribbean Aviation; Why the Caribbean Aviation Meetup Matters"

October 25, 2016
"Major aviation conference to be held on St.Maarten in 2017" download pdf
as published in the media

Information, Exposure and Conclusions in media about the previous 1st annual Caribbean Aviation Meetup 2016 in Dominica.

bai-2016 (22K) Business Airport International
July 2016

"First Caribbean Aviation Meetup gave Dominica ideas"

"Regional Issues Discussed At Caribbean Aviation Meetup"

"... what may be the most far-seeing and constructive initiative yet to create aviation cooperation in the Caribbean..."       - Chris Kjelgaard in MRO network -

AT-interview (16K)
the 'Why-What-Where-How' of the conference explained in an interview

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