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We are currently selecting and inviting speakers for the
3rd annual CARIBBEAN AVIATION MEETUP, June 12-14, 2018.

We are planning for 31 sessions and presenatations involving 40 speakers. Some sessions will be panel discussions.

the following professionals are already committed to make a presentation in 2018:

bran1 (11K)
Dr. Brendan Anzalone
Chief Medircal Officer
St.Thomas, US Virgin Islands

dabe1 (11K)
David Best
Vice President Strategic Business Development
Jet Aviation
Miami, FL, USA
wibo1 (11K)
William R. Bohlke
Bohlke Airways
St.Croix, US Virgin Islands
roce1 (11K)
Rob Ceravolo
Tropic Atlantic Airways
Ft.Lauderdale, FL, USA

licl1 (11K)
Elisabeth Clark
Executive Director
Women in Corporate Aviation
Memphis, TN, USA

anhu1 (11K)
Anthony Hunt
Chair of the Belize Tourism Board's Airline Development Team; Director of Marketing & Route Planning, Tropic Air
pakr1 (11K)
Paula Kraft
Founding Partner
DaVinci Inflight Training Institute
Ft.Lauderdale, FL, USA

jamo1 (11K)
Jan Moeller
Head of Business Development & Aviation Marketing
Airport Cologne-Bonn

chpe2 (11K)
Charlotte Pederson
Luxaviation Helicopters

rope1 (11K)
Robert Peres
Managing Director
Southeast Insurance Group
Miami, FL, USA

dari1 (11K)
Ir. Damien Richardson
Architectural Engineer

viva1 (11K)
Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace
Principal Partner
Bedford Baker Group
Nassau, Bahamas

dive1 (11K)
Didier Veyrier
ATM Expert Consultant
DSNA-(Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne)
Gudeloupe/Paris, France
pivo1 (11K)
Pietrick Voyer
Manager Strategic Resource Planning
Etihad Airways
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
niwa1 (11K)
Nickolas Wangler
Denver, CO, USA

In the coming weeks and months 26 professionals will be added to this speakers roster.

At the 2nd annual CARIBBEAN AVIATION MEETUP 2017 in St.Maarten, the following speakers made their presentations

adtw1 (11K)
Adam Twidell
CEO, PrivateFly
London, UK

clhu1 (11K)
Cleatus P. Hunt Jr
Area Port Director, U.S. Customs and Border Protection of the U.S. Dep. of Homeland Security
Dallas, TX, USA
alba1 (11K)
Allen Barnett
Executive Airport Manager of Clayton J Lloyd Int Airport

grst1 (11K)
Graham Stephenson
FBO Safety and Training Consultant
London, UK

roma1 (11K)
Robert P. Mark
Senior Editor at Flying Magazine
Chicago, IL, USA

roto1 (11K)
Robert Tonge
Minister for Tourism and Urban Development
Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
nidu1 (11K)
Nils Dufau
President, St.Barth Tourism Committee
Gustavia, St.Barth

joji1 (11K)
Joy Jibrilu
Director General at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
Nassau, Bahamas
trsa1 (11K)
Trevor N. Sadler
CEO, interCaribbean Airways
Turks & Caicos

dora1 (11K)
Don Ramdass
Associate with Passero Associates
Jacksonville, FL, USA

boba1 (11K)
Dr. Bob Baron
President and Chief Consultant of The Aviation Consulting Group (TACG)
Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

adar1 (11K)
Adolfo Aragon
Senior Vice President Latin America and Caribbean at Universal Weather and Aviation
Houston, TX, USA

viva1 (11K)
Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace
Principal Partner of the Bedford Baker Group
Nassau, Bahamas

jeak1 (11K)
Jerry R. A-Kum
Managing Director, Suriname Tourism Foundation

brwi1 (11K)
Bryan P. Winters
Managing Counsel
Aero Attorney Group
Miami, FL, USA

ancr2 (11K)
Andrew Crawford
Managing Director and Co-owner of Sounds Air
Blenheim, New Zealand

roce1 (11K)
Robert Ceravolo
CEO, Tropic Ocean Airways
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

chpe1 (11K)
Charlotte Pedersen
CEO, Luxaviation Helicopters

chho1 (11K)
Chris Holliday
Director of Energy Aviation Services
Leeds, UK

klwu1 (11K)
Andreas Wunderli
Vice President Sales Americas and Caribbean at Travel Commerce Solutions Ltd
Zurich, Switzerland

International Journalist Panel
Michael Ros
Barcelona, Spain
Seth Miller
New York, NY, USA
Kathryn Creedy
Melbourne, FL, USA
Chris Kjelgaard
New York, NY, USA
Robert Mark
Chicago, IL, USA

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