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"This program was brought to you by ...", or CARIBAVIA-TV was made possible with the support of ..."

What sponsorships are available?

We believe in meaningful and effective sponsorships. A customized sponsor package can be created that will get attention for your brand, product, service or company. Inform us what may work best for you, and together we will work out a customized package that meets your marketing objectives and ensures the best results for your company.

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An example of a video commercial that may be included on this TV website or be used in a presentation made by a particular company, in this case Tropic Ocean Airways

Another video commercial example with the CEO of PrivateFly promoting the island St.Barth, which may be included.

A sponsorship may include several of the following. Depending on the chosen content of the package, the sponsorship amount will determined.

  • Sponsorship of one or more program videos
  • 30-second commercial
  • 60-second commercial
  • company presentation as video program
  • Corporate logo and mention on the website
  • Sponsorship of the Caribavia organization (Caribbean Aviation Meetup conference, CARIBAVIA-TV

  • For sponsorship inquiries or suggestions, please, fill out the Contact Form

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